This site features a selection of projects and experiments that I’ve worked on recently.

About myself – I am a first year PhD student in the LSD lab at UC Santa Cruz. Previously, I spent a few years as a software engineer and musician in NYC. I completed my undergrad in CS at Columbia, where I researched wireless streaming technologies with wimnet.

These days, my interests generally relate to distributed systems and their semantics. I am keen to approach these systems from a programming languages perspective; one day, these things should be easier to reason about. I am curious about the cloud and where we're headed next.

I also produce music as Nuns Honey, have a listen!


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An events-based social tool, currently under development as a low-noise alternative to algorithm driven platforms of facebook and the like.

The Netflix Stream: A Conceptual Model

A research project on the Netflix Stream exploring the connections between Internet topology, streaming infrastructure, consumer subjectivity, and environmental consequence.

my ad net

A live updating visualization of every ad server that exchanges data with my apartment’s local area network. A reciprocal tracking of the systems that collect personal information to serve targeted advertisements. (system offline, site served statically as of 2018).


Web announcement for the Alpha Delta Phi society's birdhouse event that was held on April 16, 2016.

NYC Music Atlas

A geospatial guide to the music and visual arts coverage of New York’s Rare Candy Magazine.

what are you doing

An instant message love journey involving you and someone else. Please use Chrome for best experience.

Went to Japan

A photo essay and JPEG encoding experiment as my final project for the Columbia University Japan Study Tour.


Performance Analysis of WebRTC-based Video Conferencing

Culmination of my research on the WebRTC protocol while at Columbia. Our results were presented at and published in IFIP Performance '17.


A simple video chat server application for the performance evaluation of the WebRTC protocol under various network conditions.


A simple programming language for fast image manipulation and ASCII art creation. Blur provides a set of familiar and intuitive syntactic conventions for handling pixel data, useful in image processing algorithms, image to ASCII conversion schemes, and the creation of algorithmic/generative ASCII artworks.


Nuns Honey

Gold Medal